"I can see your halo" pt. 2

Mar 25, 2010

Remember a while back when I put you all on the halo effect? Well, allow me to refresh your memory if you don't remember. It's basically when you make a holistic assumption about someone's character based on one good trait (typically that trait is their good looks, but can also be something like intelligence, athleticism, etc). Y'all know how it goes: "Oh, he's a member of XYZ organization, then that definitely means that he is on top of his game and would probably be a good blah blah blah..."

Anywho, the halo effect is primarily why people are causing such a fuss over the recent splits between Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian and Eva Pigford/Lance Gross. Because these couples were very attractive, people were giving these hos ENTIRELY too much, assuming that their relationships were as perfect as their appearances! Nahhh homie, in fact, these two couples represented perfect examples of the halo effect. Peep game...


Case 1. Over the course of their relationship, Reggie Bush has allegedly dealt with a few sub-par, Jumpoffington's who were very inexperienced at keeping their mouths shut. For a 4th year NFL player, that's definitely rookie tendencies brah. One of his side-chicks even went to so far as to put up a video tape of her walking around Reggie's home (which was very corny, 90210-esque to say the least). And to add to this "super couples" fairy tale...it was said that Kim "jokingly" made a wager with Reggie stipulating that he propose upon winning the Super Bowl. Hella strikes all up and through their relationship but at least they're pretty, right?


Case 2. Eva described herself as "being in love with him before we ever met". Nigga say what? How you do that? Oh, that's right...the halo effect. (Que Beyonce and a minstrel actor jigging in the background.) Now 5 months before they were supposed to get married, this "super couple" releasin' statements talkin' 'bout they're still friends. I don't know how many of you have broken up with someone after a long-term relationship...but I'm willing to bet that these two aren't copacetic after breaking an engagement. C'mon son.

Simply put, the moral of the story is: Don't give people too much. Letting attraction cloud your judgment can often times lead to a mistake. Not all the time....but often times.


Supastarrr said...

You're SO right! Kinda like how people would throw fits if Brangelina broke up b|c they're so sexy. I really liked Eva && Lance together though.

Anonymous said...

wow i was really banking on Lance and Eva! all looks aside...in my opinion they had the potential to be the next Will and Jada.

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