"Baby, I can see your halo..." _Beyonce

Jul 29, 2009

This post isn't about the split between Chris Brown/Rihanna or Kim/Reggie in particular. This post is about people who fall victim to the Halo Effect. Allow me to put you up on game if you aren't familiar with what that is. The Halo Effect is when a woman (or a man-don't get it twisted) makes a total judgement about someone based on one outstanding character trait. For example, women often times think that because a dude is attractive, he will automatically treat her with respect, be trustworthy, has money, be a good conversationalist, etc. etc.

Shoot, the Halo Effect has Rihanna runnin' around New York right now tryin' to rekindle the flame with her boy Chris Breezy...and the Halo Effect had Kim Kardashian takin' a publicity trip to Africa with Reggie, even though he had been cheating on her "supposedly". To put it plain and simple, I just don't get it. Beyonce got everybody runnin' 'round singing, "I can see your Halo"...but I think some people need to get their eyes checked before they start claimin' all that.

Have you ever fell victim to the Halo Effect?


Anonymous said...

Yes! His 'good guy' reputation had me gone. Turns out he could lie like no other. But that's what love does to you. You got to take that L, learn from it and keep it moving.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. Got caught up because he had good manners. Didn't know I wasn't the only one he was catering to. I think it has to happen at least once, so than you know how to recognize a devil in desguise.

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

i have definitely feel into the halo effect but that it all past...i am older and wiser:)

Jas. said...

wow, very insightful
i never looked at it from that perspective
and know that I think about it I have fallen victim to it in the past.
but not again...

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....