The Book Swap


In order to participate...
1. Send an email to that includes the following information:
     •Full name (or Twitter handle)
     •Preferred email address for book exchange
     •Mailing address
     •Whether or not you are willing to trade books internationally

2. You will receive an email invite from BookMooch, which will be our trading hub.
    •Sign up for free  account
    •Go to "Member Home"
    •Click on "Friends", enter "TreyningDay" into search bar and select "Add Friend"
    •Each time someone new signs up for the TreyningDay Book Exchange, I will send out an email with their username, so they can be added to everyone's "Friends" list.

3. Post Book
   •Post one  book that you are willing to trade at a time by going to...
        •"Member Home"
        •"Add" - add the book that you are willing to trade
        •The book you are willing to trade will then be viewable under your "Inventory"

4. Trade Book
   •"Member Home"
   •Search through the inventories of your friends who should all be involved in the TreyningDay Book Exchange and request a trade with them.
   •Ship book. (USPS reduced pricing for media mail, i.e., used books)

5. Return Books
   •After 1 month, return book to friend; if you want to decrease or increase period of exchange, discuss individually with friend involved in exchange

*Post any problems, questions, or concerns in comment section below. Happy trading!


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