"Niggas ain't sh*t" The Series

Mar 25, 2010


So, over the past few weeks I’ve been writing an ongoing rebuttal in response to the notion that “niggas ain’t sh*t”. I like to refer to it as the angry woman’s 11th Commandment, but I digress. Over the course of writing this rebuttal, I’ve determined that my response would be entirely too long for one post. Therefore, I’m going to separate these jawns into a series (some serious, some more facetious in manner).

[Sidenote: I know a lot of people get riled up over the subject, and I love a good discussion…so feel free to completely disagree with my opinion but please refrain from sneak-dissin’ and takin’shots.]

I guess you could entitle this first rebuttal the Pot Calling the Kettle Black. And the theme is quite simple. Women need to first take a look at themselves and/or OTHER women before casting stones at men. Please allow me to explain my rationale:

Gas prices are at an all time high, inflation rates are sky-rocketing, but one thing remains constant and that’s the fact that the price of “P” is at an all time low and steadily declining. It’s gotten to the point now where men have to put forth little to NO effort at all to lay up with a woman of interest. The availability of “the P” is so abundant that it’s reducing the value of relationships. Men aren’t rushing to commit to one woman, because of the reduced, BOGO prices. It’s the "why have just one, when I can have them all" mentality. And women are reinforcing this idea that men have, while complaining about it all the same! Honestly, think about how many girls you know who are/were willing to jump into something physical with a man devoid of any commitment (aka “no strings attached”). No marriage. No relationship. Nothing. I imagine that there are times where women force themselves into things just to stay competitive with other women who have fewer inhibitions. It sounds extreme, but I mean, even celebrities got jumpoffs lookin’ like “Dang, can we live?” (Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union to name a few).

So, be clear. Before judging those of the opposite sex, ladies, know that it works both ways. Women are equally responsible for the lack of commitment. Men will be forced to hold themselves to higher standards the day the price of "P" goes back up. I fully understand that this isn’t necessarily a rebuttal that focuses on men, but it I wanted to FIRST touch base on the fact that it's not fair to throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Thoughts? No? Okbye.


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