Dare to be different

Mar 25, 2009

One of my fellow bloggers made a comment on a previous post entitled "What is Swagger?" and made a very good point:

The clothes you wear do say something about your "swag" because the way you dress is an expression of your creativity etc. I HATE when people are label whores and think coz they got on rocks, pradas, a gucci hate and an ed hardy shirt they are really doing something. --GlamGirl
And it got me thinking about how I sometimes let other people's opinions influence my decision making when it comes to copping different things, or wearing other brands. I know sometimes the sickest sneaks are actually NOT Nikes and Ralph Lauren is not the only designer that makes nice polos. Rick Ross made a comment in one of his songs along the lines of: "Levi Denim, very inexpensive...doesn't matta the name, all'at matters is whose in 'em". Personally, I couldn't agree more. And with that said, I'm contemplating purchasing some of the lamest, dopest, break-neck, different-est shoes ever. Behold, the Puma 917 Mid-Factory and the Puma M-40....

CHEA! Hahahahahaha.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....