Tournament Woes

Mar 25, 2009

WHAT in the world is going on with the Women's NCAA hoops tourney? The top-ranked teams really didn't show up this year and many are losing to inferior competition in my opinion. #6 Purdue knocked off the home team, #3 UNC recently. #12 Gonzaga beat #5 Xavier in the opening round. #1 seed Duke made it to the Sweet 16, only to get knocked off by #9 Michigan State. #12 Ball State knocked off #5 seed Tennessee in their FIRST tournament appearance, giving the Vols their first ever tournament lost in either of the first two rounds.
The only team worth mentioning is the Lady Huskies. I'm sure my mother would be happy to know that her home-state team is representing. They are still undefeated and have been straight bodying all opponents. Their sophomore forward, Maya Moore, is one of the most exciting players to watch in both Men's and Women's hoops. She is definitely the Jesus Shuttlesworth of college hoops righ'now and I gotta tip my hat to her and their squad..


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....