Allonzo Trier, aka "Zo"

Mar 25, 2009

I read an article in the New York Times recently about a 13-year-old hoops phenom in the making. Of course I was all into it..reading the pages maticulously and re-reading parts that I thought were just unbelievable. The article is about a young boy named Allonzo Trier, who currently resides in Seattle, WA with his mother.

In just 6th grade, this young hoopster flies all around the country playing for different coaches and promoters who use his name to boost their events. He has his own clothing line already, courtesy of professional player Brandon Jennings, who currently plays in the European league making boo-koo bucks. Also, a lawyer in Seattle made arrangements for an NBA player to pay for Trier's private-school education and dental care.

His mother trains with him 7-days a week on an OCD'ish schedule, because she wants to award her son privileges that she would otherwise not be able to afford. Between AAU practice, shoot-around with his mom (in which he has to MAKE 450 shots before he is allowed to leave), and workouts with his personal trainer, he practices 5+ hours a day. The thing that got me though, he comes from a single-parent home, living in section-8 housing...I just wonder when his dad is going to mysteriously pop back into his life and stake claim like he has been there all along.

You can peep the full article here.


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Allonzo hecka raw, and he's so humble

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