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Sep 22, 2012

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(Pictured above) The completely original "RUN UNC" t-shirt, designed by Kellie Oviosun in the Fall of 2009.
(Pictured below) The same person pictured above, standing in front of her new store advertising her very own RUN UNC t-shirts with the exact same design.

For someone that has no problem ranting about Holden Thorp’s missteps (or anything else for that matter), buying a completely original t-shirt from a freelance designer only to turn around and sell it in your own store shows a complete lack of integrity.

And though it is true that many of the retailers on Franklin Street sell similar t-shirts, this is certainly not one of those instances. What other store in Mayberry Chapel Hill sells RUN DMC, hip-hop inspired paraphernalia? It has ETHNIC written all over it. The design was nonexistent in or around campus until ’09, when it was released for homecoming on dhoetees.spreadshirt.com. Kellie has literally sold hundreds of those shirts since then and it was even pictured in the Carolina Alumni Review, so your “official University license” is null and void. You have a monopoly on a design that you had no hand in creating and that ish doesn't fly in the 'burbs, g.

Bottom line, it isn’t about the money, because Kelz makes peanuts off of the sales. And personally, i was excited for you when i saw the photos of your store initially. But if you’ve ever created ANYTHING as an ARTIST, you should know that it is a complete slap in the face to have your work copied. Yes, copied. That’s so not the Carolina Way, bro.

Update: I took to my personal blog, to give my personal opinion on somewhat of a personal issue, which I then posted to my personal Twitter. With any opinion post/forum/column on the innanets, you have the option of indulging or ignoring. Cries of dissent, many hypocritical, suggesting that I should have "settled the dispute privately like a mature adult" are met with sheer confusion. I would hardly consider this a "dispute" necessitating a sit-down, as I have absolutely nothing to gain in any of this. Nor would I consider the few who offered up their unsolicited advice to be shining beacons of maturity. 

Those who actually know me (follow my blog or my Twitter) know that I keep a super low profile and I don't have "enemies" or "beef" in any capacity. I simply shared my thoughts on a low-key shady situation.....which is typically what people do on a blog/Twitter/Facebook/casual conversation? Classifying this as "Twitter Beef" is a cop-out to the highest degree. Can a nigga live? "You not feelin me? Fine. It's costs you nothing. Pay me no mind." Fin.

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