A Social Experiment - Gay Parenting x Christianity

Jun 19, 2011

If you have the time, please take a moment to watch this video!

This really spoke to me, g! For those of you who aren't familiar with the show What Would You Do, they basically take actors and set up artificial situations to show someone being treated unfairly. The purpose is to see if bystanders will take a stand against discrimination, even for total strangers.

In this particular video, actors pose as gay parents who are eating in a restaurant with their children. Another actor plays a waitress who bashes them for their lifestyle in front of other patrons, who are completely unaware that the situation is staged. While the entire video is well worth watching, I was really touched by the ~3:05 mark, when an onlooker takes a surprising approach to the situation (from a religious standpoint). Long story short, his stance is not one of condemnation (like many seem to expect from Christians), but of love and compassion for the gay parents who were being mistreated in public. THAT is how believers are supposed to be. As my girlfriend put it, "standing up for injustice regardless of what the person believes" aka righteous anger on behalf of others. It was an awesome thing to watch.

I know it probably seems like I've been OD'ing on religious posts lately, but it is so important to me that people get a full, comprehensive view of Christianity and even more important to me that people experience the true works of God, and how a love for Him and love for others manifests itself.


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