Father's Day "Rant"...

Jun 19, 2011

When it comes to Father-Son relationships, I feel like Maximus Aurelius in the movie Gladiator when he said, "My father abandoned me to the world of men when I was but a young child." Nevertheless, I'm thankful because my experience with him has been a crash course in Forgiveness, which is one of the cornerstones of Christian faith.

When you realize how much you have been forgiven, and how you have been on the receiving end of so much grace and mercy, it will lead you to forgive anyone who has wronged you, no matter the extent.
For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
Matthew 6:14
I have been taught that when we repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness, He casts our sins into a sea of forgetfulness and posts a sign that says "No Fishing". Clean slate. No holding the past against us. No going back and rehashing the past. So, if I am to be more like Him, I have to govern myself in the exact same manner whenever I feel slighted.
Happy Father's Day to my grandfather. In watching him, I've learned so much about hard work, how to govern myself as a man should, and how to treat women with love and respect. Happy Father's Day to my big brother, who bends over twice backwards to provide for his family, which shows me the responsibility that we as men have to our families! Happy Father's day to my mom's friend Wash, who treats my mom with the utmost amount of respect and does good deeds out the goodness of his heart without expecting anything in return. Happy Father's Day to my dad who, over the past few years, has been making strides in building a relationship with me. And Happy Father's Day to all the other fathers out there, as well! Love you all.

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