ISH-List: Lupe Fiasco and Non-Voting

Feb 26, 2011

I saw this video over at BoiGenius and had to post it. Lupe is making a claim for why he does not vote and it is so disappointing to watch. Black and youth voter turnout is almost always low, while complaints from this demographic about the state of the American government is almost always high. The last thing we need is for the cool kids favorite rapper to sow more seeds of passive aggresiveness. His argument isn't even sound. It went something like:

Premise 1: The American government propagates war.
Premise 2: Voting in elections supports war.
Conclusion: Not voting will cause wars to end and peace to all. 

My nigga, what?!

You can dress faulty logic up with all the rhetoric and floridity you want, but at the end of the day, it's still faulty logic. People in Muslim countries are giving their lives for democracy, while people like Lupe insist on taking the do-nothing-but-SAY-a-lot approach to change. I'm no expert on politics and foreign policy, but it just seems so...backwards. Lupe, you're one of my favorite rappers and I respect your approach to Hip Hop. But for now?
You have been ish-listed, brah.


Adina Renée. said...

Damn son.

RawrSavvy said...

He's really starting to aggravate me you can listen to Outty 5000 and he gives you a voice of someone who wants to change the system from the bottom up. Then on Words Never Said he says he didnt vote because he doesnt like Obama, like there werent other people to vote for. His view on politics are turning into that of every other person. He talks a good game but when it comes to actions I dont know if Lupe will be at the front line for change.

Dub said...

EXACTLY! It's not even about not voting for Obama. There are plenty of candidates whose platforms may better match his ideals. it's the not voting at all that's just wack in my opinion

josieRbaby said...

I mean Lupe is a dumb ass... and it makes me sad to say that cause he was one of my favorite "intellectual" rappers. He fails on so many levels in terms of outwardly expressing his political / social/ ideological beliefs. I noticed in his new song he mentioned not believing in voting and like you noted, there are MASSIVE logical leaps in his explanation. My thing is this... be ignorant... dont vote, but dont spread that dumb ass activity to vulnerable teens (18, 19) who think they are doing an act of social protest by not voting. The reality is this... dont vote, dont complain. All lupe is doing is whining and complaining and not implementing change. *sigh*


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