The Curious Chronology of Kneegrows and Blonde Hair

Feb 26, 2011

Historically, Sir Wesley "Blade" Snipes is all you niggas Father.

Dennis Rodman ushered in a new era of care free living, circa 1993.

In 1999, Sisqo introduced the combination of blonde hair and no-lye relaxers. This versatile, androgynous look has been worn by both men and women alike. And say what you want, but "let meeee see dat thooo-ooo-oooong" will forever be engraved in your minds and in your hearts.

In 2008, Mr. 12 Play himself made it ok to dye small portions of your forehead in addition to your follicles. Thank you, Robert.

This nigga here burst onto the scene in 2009 whipping his blonde caesar back and forth and has become a mainstay in the back pockets of many of your favorite rappers. We salute you.

Also in '09, NFL Running Back, Clinton Portis, made it OK for dudes 200lbs.+ and dudes with goatees to do it, too. Thank you, Clinton.

As recently as last week, Wiz channeled his inner Stacy London (Shoutout to What Not To Wear) and put on for the hetero stoners.

And finally, Christopher Brownstone joined the Blonde Brigade and debuted his new look lah'night.

Now I'm not into the business of judging other men and their appearances. However, I am allowed to make a connection between blonde hair and the mental state of the gentlemen who have adorned the style in years past. And as you can see, blonde hair has historically been for niggas who are on the precipice of a fall out. As far as I'm concerned, Lil Scrappy has been the only one to present a solid case for blonde hair. But at the end of the day, if you ladies are OK with it, fine. Your complaints about downlow men are voided, however. Thank you, and have a nice day.


josieRbaby said...

lmao! thank you for this timeline of blond hair. But as a woman, let me note, this shit is for the birds. Foolywang to the 4th degree.


Kelz said...

That Lil Scrappy Video -_-

Caprece said...

This Post is EPIC!!!! lmao

Dub said...

lol, appreaciate it!

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