"uh, she want that old thing back" _Jay-Z

Jan 8, 2011

why shawty soak and wet doe? o_O

We've all done it before. Sat and wondered what it would be like if we could get that old thing back. But I ain't talkin' relationships. Or that old school Nickelodeon. Nor childhood innocence. I ain't even referrin' to those days when we had scheduled naps in class.

I'm talking about music. We yearn for more Lauren Hills, and less Nicki Minajs. We wish there were more Tribe Called Quests, and less NO Soulja Boys. We bask in the memories of what was, while cringing at the site of what is.

But at what expense would you go to get that old thing back?

Lauren Hill has been touring lately and showing up really late to her shows (when they aren't canceled altogether). She showed up as late as four hours recently in Brooklyn and told the crowd she is "worth the wait". And we ALL know she doesn't even sound the same.You might not want to accept it but you're aware, my G.

To pay to see her now is beyond me.

Look at it like this....if a dude showed up 2 hrs late for a date, it wouldn't matter if he took you to the FUTURE, you would still be hot about it, right? So why make an exception for an artist who doesn't value your time?

I'm just saying, at what point will we learn to just LET THINGS GO? Sometimes it's best to leave that old thing right where it is and move on.

A Lauren Hill fan


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