nickname in the A is blue jean shawty

Jan 7, 2011


So I got a denim jacket for Christmas and it has quickly become one of my favorite items. This jawn is versatile. I haven't had anywhere to wear it, so I've been kinda sporting it around the house to break it in. There are some who think that jean jackets are played, but every time I see someone with one on it looks cool to me.  I want a whole bunch of pins to wear on it, but that may be a little out of hand. Maybe a brooch, if I can find a dope one.

ANYwho, what's your favorite item in your closet right now?

P.S. Excuse the crookedness of my bow tie, it was tied in haste. Which reminds me, if you still wearing clip on bow ties in 2011, unlame yo'self!  
I kid, I kid.


ABC said...

Since graduating high school last summer, I've pretty much come to the realization that if you let others determine your sense of style, then you're in it to lose. I've been looking for a denim jacket but couldn't find the right one just yet. And my mom did that "It's played" thing.

Favorite item -- a pair a black denim jeans and my brown leather jacket.

Dub said...

I want a brown leather jacket, too! with ribbed cuffs. it'd pretty much make my life

deonna said...

I love jean jackets, as long as they are not paired with jeans, especially the same colored jeans. Is that weird?

My favorite item right now is this oversized sweater that I got from a thrift store. It's comfortable and keeps me warm which is very necessary at the moment.

Dub said...

That's not weird at all, especially with jeans that are the same color because it looks like a suit or som'n.

Does it get that cold over there though?

deonna said...

It gets cold but that may be because I'm used to 70 degree weather. Moving from So.Cal to Nor.Cal is a change for me. When it gets to the 40s, I start tripping. Don't know how I'm gonna survive if I end up at a grad school on the east coast.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....