TreyningDay is 2 Years Old!!

Jan 29, 2011

Exactly 2 years ago today, I started this blog because my boss suggested that I share my thoughts with the world.  Now here I am, ~650 posts later and it's a hobby that i can't get enough of. I read somewhere that "blogs are to writers what Sasha Fierce is to Beyonce". This is so true! Although I don't consider myself a "writer" per se, I do enjoy writing in the literal sense, devoid of technique. No confines. No rules. Just me and my thoughts on on paper, or in this case, on screen.

The cool thing about blogging is the constant exchange of ideas amongst people I would have never known  existed otherwise. That, and allowing people I already know to delve a little deeper into who I am as a person.  But the absolute dopest thing about all of this is when someone says to me, "yo Trey I really like your blog and I've decided to start my own". I can't even describe how I feel when folks say that (but for some reason "groovy" keeps coming to mind? FML). Anywho, thanks to everyone who checks me out and likes it enough to actually tell other people about it, that's wild. Much love!


Briana said...

we DO have the same birthday! :D aww thats awesome! & I know what you mean when someone tells you that you inspired them to blog, its probably one of the best feelings ever!

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