For the Love of MUSIC

Jan 30, 2011


So, I attended a Big Boi concert last night at my alma mater. (Which, by the way, I was unable to take pictures due to a 'No Camera' policy.) I woke up this morning still on a high from the show and it left me wondering if this is what addicts feel like. Music and other drugs...

Now I'm no advocate for substance abuse but when it comes to music, I'm yo' pusher. It is a form of art that has the ability to transcend boundaries of any sort and I am very passionate about it. This is a look into my favorite genres of music and why:

It forces active thinking. Even in its simplest form (a la Soulja Boy), it maintains a level of complexity that is unmatched and the combination of beats and poetry is so unique. By simply watching this video of Ryan Leslie, you can see what I mean. He uses a hand-trumpet, a cup full of coins, a MPC beat maker, and a piano to make ONE song. These different instruments might fall on deaf ears to some, but I have fun picking up on them when listening to Hip Hop. Not to mention the excitement I get from picking apart skillful lyricism.
Current song: Lloyd Banks, "Start It Up"

I'm real particular about what I call R&B. To me, it's ballads over everything which is why I don't rock with Jamie Foxx anymore. R&B songs posses the ability to...take me through a myriad of emotions in a matter of minutes (check my alliteration swag thoooough). One doesn’t have to be in a relationship to connect with Al Green when he spills his soul out on "Let's Stay Together"…you just gotta have a pulse.
Current song: Miguel, “Let's Just Be”

Much like R&B, the ability to attach an emotion to a song is inherent in gospel music. For me, that emotion is reverence and it is a recurring theme in every song. The songs allows for worship, deliverance, empowerment, etc. I can’t count the number of times when gospel music has brought me out of something or just allowed me to give thanks when things are going well.
Current song: Mali Music, “All I have to Give”

Other (Jazz, Rock, Pop-Rock, Alternative, etc.)
I call this "Stadium Music". I feel like the artists in these genres make their music with the sole intention of performing it live and I think that is the only way music should be created, honestly. At the end of the day, an artist should be able to strip a song naked, leaving only an instrument or two…and their vocals. This is why I love going to concerts, especially those with live bands.
Current Song: OneRepublic, "All The Right Moves"

My only problem is when people hoard music or have territorial battles of, "I was on it first". In my opinion, music is made for the masses!  Why not share it?  I also don’t like new artists who claim to be “different”. Different how? Everyone is influenced by someone. Nigga, pay homage.  Furthermore, I have issues with those who exploit the art form for profit because they are defacing something of immense value to me. Something I love. MUSIC.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....