Oh, the woes of dating in fo's.

Oct 19, 2010

Having been in a relationship for four years, my girlfriend and I have pretty much covered every cliche move that couples are expected to make together, like ride on a ferris wheel at a county fair (which she totally freaked out on), ride on a roller coaster together (which I think she totally freaked out on), and watch a firework show at a football stadium on the Fourth (which granted, freaking out amidst all that smoke and debris would have totally been acceptable).

But there is one thing that we tried to accomplish and failed miserably--Double Dating. It's sounds fun and easy in theory, but in real life, it's like some of y'all bald headed girls trying to put your hair in a ponytail not easy. And here is why:

You have no clue how the other couple will conduct themselves.
For instance, I'm not big on PDA but the couple that we were DD'ing with thought that they were on the set of a BET uncut video the entire time we were out together. Essentially it's like one couple is dating the other and there is nothing more uncomfortable than being held accountable for the actions of another couple.

Picking a location that fits 2 people is hard, picking one that fits four people is impossible.
What if they don't like to splurge on food? What if they don't like scary movies? What if they prefer to shop online? Whatever the case may be, somebody is going to have to settle and it ain't gon' be Trey Alowishus Cashus-Barthalomule Washington III!!

There is no privacy!
One of the simple pleasantries of going on a date with just your significant other is that you have the liberty to talk about whatever you want between one another. But when there are two other people breathing down your neck, it makes for a lot of awkward silence. For instance, I wanted so badly to talk about how whack the date of my girlfriend's friend was, but I obviously couldn't slay him until they were well out of ear's reach. The worst!

Even if you and yours hated the experience, there is a slight chance that the other couple loved it and are now hitting you to schedule the next date. So now you have to make up an elaborate lie about how you're going to be on Survivor for the next 6 months and aren't sure when you'll be available. Then 3 months later, you accidently accept their inevitable friend request on Facebook, forgetting that you're supposed to be in Tanzania. Ugh, oops?

My advice: ONLY double date if all parties know one another. My girlfriend and I had never met her friend's "boo" before and he was Antoine Dodson mixed with Drake, sprinkled with Lil Mama. Annoying, lame, and he kept popping up at inopportune times doing stuff he ain't hagh no business doin'.
The End.


Kelz said...

But you can't say that date wasn't memorable. I would do it agai....nah!

Umm and I did not freak out on the roller coaster. Just after.

lalaliybean said...

lmfao @ the dude. your description of him does not sound pleasing to the eye.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....