UNC Homecoming 2010 - What NOT to Do!

Oct 20, 2010


In just a few short days, I'll be experiencing my first college Homecoming as an alumni. On the real, the novelty of it all has me excited. Probably won't even attend after this year. Only kidding. Anywho, peep out my short list of things you should NOT do next week!

1. Don't act brand new.
It's seems like forever ago that we were on "the yard" however it's only been a mere 6 months since we graduated. Not a whole lot can change in such a short period of time but leave it up to one of y'all to come back to campus on your Kim Zolciak swag, doing the absolute and utter most to give off the impression that things have changed for the better since we last saw you. But we know you pregnant. And we heard about the "fun" you had in Atlanta. Thanks again, Facebook!

2. Don't act like you really know people who you did not associate with.
Some people appreciate the public face time, hugging and dapping up as many distant associates as possible, but me? I'm going to look you square in the face with a blank stare and start singing this:

3. Don't be an attention whore!
Some of y'all just don't know how to act in large groups of people. We're seated but you're standing. We're quiet but you're loud. We're praying but you're digging in your plate already. We're electric slidin' but you're in the corner swag surfin'. Confusingly enough though, we're living and you've yet to kill yo'self!!

4. Don't be a party pooper!
Homecoming Football game, $50. Dinner with friends, $25. Homecoming Step Show, $15. Club cover, $10. Hearing you spoil sports complain about the price of it all, Pointless. In essence, Homecoming is a min-vacay and my mom always told me to never go on a vacation and not expect to spend money. Please don't be that guy that impedes the flow of the operation because you came unprepared...with or without you, we off in Waffle House buying 20 sausage biscuits!

Welp, that's all folks! A quick list of things you SHOULD do:
-Friday, October 29th @ 7pm - NPHC Homecoming Step Show at Memorial Hall
-Saturday, October 30th @ 3:30 - Football game at 3:30p, #section120
-The Inside Job at Champps on Saturday Night
-#RAMpage2010 hashtag? ...naaaaaaaaaaaaah, lol

Lookin' forward to next weekend and seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in a while, especially my Bridgees from this past summer. UNC Homecoming 2010 is bound to be a win! Chea!


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....