'Round my hometown _Adele

Oct 19, 2010

So, I'm from a VERY small town. It's surrounded by other towns of similar size--that whole "everybody knows everybody" deal. Well, aside from there being nothing to do, this general area where my family lives is actually rich with interesting history that I had no clue about.

Today, my mom, grandma and I went to the Badin City Museum, which was full of historical artifacts dating back to the beginning of the area's settlement in the early 1900s by the French. As not to sound like a history teacher, I just want y'all to check out a few of the dope things I saw today:

Back in the day the town was split into black and white sides and this is the school for the black students. They had a dedication ceremony in honor of its opening and a stage was built on the front lawn where musical performances were held. In the other pictures, everyone was SO well dressed back then in three piece suits with overcoats, nothing less!

This is what the cheerleader's wore back in the1920s! The quality, 90 years later! I couldn't help but gawk over how ill it was, and how people make something like this today with less quality and charge $200+ for it.

We then toured a home that was built in that time period and got restored. This is the stove they cooked on.

This is, believe it or not, a refrigerator! Jawn looks like a dresser brah! The cabinet on the left was completely open with racks for ice that they purchased to keep the whole thing cold.

So much for mattress and box springs! Imagine sleeping on this nonsense.

There were several cool pictures of old things in town like a full fledged opera house and a huge movie theater from way back in the day.
Cool stuff.
Good times.


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