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Apr 28, 2010


J.Cole, "Who Dat"

As a North Carolina native, I'm pretty much ready to ride for J. Cole like the DMV does Wale. But it's not because he's from my backyard, or because that's my school on his hat. Nope. It's because J. Cole is disproving the stereotype about southern rappers (and southern music lovers) one metaphor at a time. And unlike a lot of artists that come out of the south, J. Cole didn't move to Atlanta on some fad ish and claim that like he's been there all his life. He simply reps "The Ville". (SN: Shoutout to my roommate @FredReid who also reps Fayetteville vehemently.) I appreciate that.


Grizzy said...

i agree with you 100% i feel he is the best out of the freshmen group and is right up there with drake check out my blog Battle of the Beige MCs Drake vs j.cole


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