@bobatl does it again!

Apr 30, 2010

This isn't a CD review or anything like that. Although I would like to write one, I'm studying for final exams so I'll keep it simple and sweet.

The CD is fye! The thing that I like about it is...my favorite song is probably different than your favorite song, and his favorite song, and her favorite song. There is something
on here that everyone can rock with.

Standout tracks:
-Airplanes Part 2 (Feat. Eminem and Hayley Williams, of Paramore)
-Bet I (Feat. T.I. And Playboy Tre)
-5th Dimension (Feat. Ricco Barrino)
-Past My Shades (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)

(BTW, Target is the only place other than iTunes that has the extended version w/ the Bonus DVD--all for $10. Leggo)


Boi Genius said...

This album is FIYIAH
I wish he had done more #s but great album nevertheless.
I review it :P

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....