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Jan 7, 2010



I was over at straightNOchaser and The Love Ginger a few days ago and ironically both of these ladies made blog posts about new tattoos that they had gotten recently. And while my tattoo isn't new, I just kept thinking MY TURN, MY TURN! Nah, let me stop. A long time ago, I made a blog post explaining what I think about people getting body ink...and now I'm back to tell you about my own:

The P.U.S.H. underneath the praying hands stands for Pray Until Something Happens. In a nutshell, I'm a firm believer in fervent prayer. I go to God to give thanks, to ask for forgiveness, guidance, whatever the case may be...it's an ultimate necessity. Oddly enough, learning how to pray is a work in progress--one that I am still working at to this day. It's something that I count on whenever I feel like my mojo is off, so I just felt compelled to get a tattoo signifying how important it is to me. I know some of y'all rollin' your eyes, but whatevs, we all have vices.

Are you inked up? If so, holla at me! What do you have and what does it mean to you?


Supastarrr said...

such a great meaning behind it! I like tats w| meaning.
I have 1 completed but I'm [most likely]getting another
for my bday this weekend so I'll put it in a post =D

Chymere said...

I love it! and the meaning behind it. I have 4 all with significant meanings.

1st tat: was a heart made out of a treble clef and a bass clef. I knew it was pretty common, but music is my guardian angel. I play keys and it's always been "my zone" never a performer but I play to stay sane and to hear what my heart sounds like. My grandfather was also an extreme music head...me and him loved some good music!
2nd: dolphin. I'm a swimmer and I love dolphins. They are beautiful and graceful and friendly...like me :D
3rd: Love written in cursive. Love is infinite. point blank.
4th: Carpe Diem: sieze the day, live in the moment (latin)

and more to come :D

Eury said...

I have a few tats, check em out


Marie said...

its a nicely done piece & fuck what anybody has to say about it. as long as its meaningful to you, as it apparently is, thats what matters. great meaning behind it as well.

so far i have two, getting more real soon.
my 1st is a butterfly with its wings spread, as if its flying: that one is significant simply because it was my first real act of either rebellion or individuality [depends on which way you look at it]. my parents dont like tattoos & almost sort of forbid us to get em so that was sort of my "i have a mind of my own & will do as i please" moment. thats when i really began stepping into my own.

my 2nd says "confiance", which translates to "trust" in french: it signifies how important trust is to me [its everything. if theres no trust in whatever relationship, be it business, family, romantic, there is nothing] as well as my Haitian background.

my 3rd, 4th, & 5th will be an ode to my nephew, a quote either from Ms. Mary J Blige or Chuck Palahniuk, & "believe" in Arabic

Ginger said...

Aw, I don't even remember talking about tattoo's but I sure do want another one soon! I only have two, so I'm hella rookie still. Come with me to get one?! XOXO

livelaughbreathe said...

I love the tattoo! I am a firm believer in PUSH.

lalaliybean said...

i have one tatt that runs adjacent to the inner edge of my wrist. it says "amore" which means love and stands for Aliyah(me), Margaret(my gma), Ollie(great gma),Robin(mommy), and Elma(gma).

these women mean the world to me and my tatt is a daily reminder of the women who are my role models.

Dub said...

all of y'all tattoos (and tattoo ideas) are niiiiice!

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....