Oct 7, 2009


I need a hair cut so bad I 'bout can't stand it! I'm sittin' here lookin' like Samson right now. The only difference is...if I cut my hair, I'm not going to lose strength. I'm going to gain swwwaaaaag. Everyone has heard the aphorism, "clothes dont make the man, the man makes the clothes". Well, the only people that say that are the frugal and the non-fashionable. There is no excuse not to keep up your appearance. Not sayin' that you have to be GQ everyday, but presentable, yes.


I was watching the trailer for Chris Rock's Good Hair and thought to myself, keeping up your hair is just as important to men as it is to women. I knooow some of y'all poppin' necks and rollin' eyes as we speak, sayin to yourself 'it aint fair, we gotta spend all this money gettin' our hair done and y'all spend $8.00 on a haircut every now and then'!! Uhhh...first of all, you couldn't find me a GOOD barber that charges less than a Jackson (that's 20 for you slow folk). Now, I know dudes ain't gotta spend 70 dollars every month on a relaxer...but 20 dollars every week and a half adds up, especially if you gettin' shape ups in between cuts!


Back when I had braids, the dedication to keep my hair up was pretty bad. I would take my hair out if I saw a lick ah' new growth. But gladly the days of straight-backs and zig-zags have since passed. My lil brother is a dread-head, and even he pays good money to keep his joints lookin' tighter than a lil' bit.


One of the taglines of the movie Good Hair states, "hair isn’t simply hair in the black community. It’s a part of our culture and economy". So TRUE! And while some think that applies solely to women, men don't play dat either, cuz!


By the way, if you are not aware...Chris Rock's new movie, Good Hair drops on October 23rd nationwide. Be sure to go check that out if that's your cup of tea. I will definitely be in the build! Eeearly!



Anonymous said...

I still think girls have it worst. I think the only times dudes really gotta come out of pocket a lot is when they have like dreads and braids. And even then sometimes they can find girls that will do it for free, or for the low. Ain't no girl bout to relax my hair for the low. And if she does, she'll prolly make if fall out.

Eurydice said...

Men do have it bad, but not as bad as most women... But I think its about the choices you make. If you like to look a certain way, figure how to keep yourself looking that way (ladies learn to take care of your hair &&fellas learn how to use the clippers, and well) we don't have to spend as much money on our hair as we do....

Tina said...

oh my chocangel u are so right... chemicals take things to a whole new level. smch... girls will fall out w/ one another due to someone messin' up their head of hair. a dubb for a hair cut... shoot & i was mad i was payin 12 for my bros when it really ain't worth it since this negro hair is back in all it's glory in 2 wks.

confidence is everything... ppl gotta do what works for themselves

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