"Flow cold as the shoulder of a gold-diggin' ho, when a broke nigga 'pproaches." _J. Cole

Sep 26, 2009

The south has a lot more to offer than bubble gum rap, and shoulder leans. New-to-fame rapper J. Cole can definitely attest to that! After seeing this cat perform at Duke with Wale and UCB, it was evident that he is the truth and nothing else. And to have been featured on the Blueprint 3 (which to me, is a BIG DEAL) J.Cole is definitely one of the most humble emcees in the game right now.

Yesterday, he visited my campus (THE University of North Carolina)...showin' up in the rain, with his Fayetteville click, a fresh pair of Jay's (you know I had to check his footwork) and table full of freshly burnt "Warm Up" mixtapes to give to any and everybody.

I had to work, so I got there late. Not only that, but I left my camera at the crib, along with my Blueprint CD, which I wanted to get signed; however, I managed to get there in time enough to cop a mixtape insert with an autograph.


That jawn reads, "Trey, thanks 4 the support." More importantly, it reads "CAROLINA ALL DAY!" Move over Petey Pablo, now North Cac' has a more accurate representation of what we, and the south, has to offer.



Eurydice said...

its about time... I'm glad I can actually understand what he's saying cuz I can't with most southern rappers...

my interest is peaked

Anonymous said...

Saw him at the state talley party, was pretty straight

Anonymous said...

Im sooooooo jealouuusss

the warm up
and come up
are always on repeat on my ipod<3

"Dub" said...

mine too as of late, the song on ur blog and "lights pleAse" are my cuts!

Marie said...

im mad i found out about dude so late. i was first introduced to him when i heard "A Star is Born" off BP3. i remember thinking "damn. who IS that?!". got put onto "The Warm Up" not too long after & ive been a fan of dude ever since. i cant even name a fave off that mixtape. **side note "losing my balance" & "can i live" do come to mind though

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