Food For Thought

Sep 26, 2009

So, I'm watching football, blogging, doing annnnything to keep from doing this homework. And I keep thinkin' of raaaandom stuff:

So uhm, which one of these guys is pregnant again?

Why every time you go through Wendy's drive-thru they say, "See you tomorrow". It's just mad creepy, brah!

Why do college kids drink to get drunk and not to have a good time? Their primary goal is to get blasted, ish-faced, BLOWN, etc. etc. Wake up and have no recollection of the goings-ons of last night...


Why do a lot of dudes dress the same nowadays? Sendin' mass blackberry messages to ya homies along the lines of, "Okay guys-go get your skinny jeans, SB dunks, and plaid on and let US ride...together!"


Have you ever wondered where gets their models from? It's like...I WAS going to buy that shirt, but this escaped-convict lookin'-ahh nigga got me scared to enter my credit card information on your website. And if it's going to look like that on me? Nevermind.


Shadé said...

I believe its The Dream who is pregnant.... =] lol

Sharelle said...

That ish is SO true abt Wendys and yes, it's creepy...
I feel like a lot of guys dress the same too. And I'm def not feeling the super-tight skinny jeans. Nah, not cool. Let's leave that to the skateboarders.... who BARELY get away with it (how do i subscribe or join/login sumthin? haha)

lalaliybean said...

lmfao you are so right about that karmaloop thing! they just have strangest variety of models. like they just used every 3rd person who walked into the DMV downtown.

misz talia dunkz said...

lmao @ karmaloop... like c'mon..he cuddnt get a hair cut or even a edge up before he did the shoot.. haha ..looks like he escaped from prison grabbed a kid cudi tee && was like "oh shit..yall takin pics" haha..

all he's missin is the signature jailhouse pose (squatin down w/ the peace sign)

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....