Jul 5, 2009

I buy a lot of shoes, but I don't go out buying them all willy-nilly, please believe that! Shoes go on sale all the time and when they do, I am right there with my debit card read'ta get it poppin'. A lot of people sleep on online shopping, because they are afraid of getting scammed and that's when I step in to hook y'all up with deals from REPUTABLE sites. Check these out:

30 dollars at sneakerhead
Men's Nike Blazer Low
$29.99 at SneakerHead

40 dollars at urbanoutiffters
Men's UO Boat Shoe
$39.00 at UrbanOutfitters

Women's Nike Dunk Low
$44.99 at NikeStore

Women's Nike Dunk High
$65.99 at NikeStore

With a little bit of patience, and a debit card. You too can have a lot of shoes, for a little money. Most of the shoes pictured above come in several different colors, for the exact same price. CHEA!


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....