Relationships x Going Out

Jul 6, 2009

Jay and Rih Rih

This is a picture that ConcreteLoop posted of Jay-Z and Rih Rih at the club celebrating the 4th of July. A lot of people commented saying that Jay-Z should not be out with Rihanna, lookin' the way she's looking and...some people are saying Jay-Z should be more discrete because he is disrespecting Beyonce. I say... LET THE MAN LIVE!!! This is what I don't get. When people get into a relationship, they are expected to become a hermit all of a sudden or some nonsense.

When I got boo-ed up, I really lost my desire to go to the club...but if I decide that I want to go, I should be able to do so without being burned by other people. There are lines that a man or a woman should not cross, regardless of where he/she is and who he/she is with. So in my opinion, Jay-Z should be able to go to the club with Missy Elliot if he felt the need--just as long as he comes back home to Bey!

What do y'all think about going out while in relationships. Should a man/woman be criticized for going out?


it'sok2bu*nique* said...

i think that your reasoning is right...i totally agree with you...but i think that the world we are living in makes people like me have trust issues.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....