For [some] ladies!

Apr 7, 2009

This is sooo my cut righ'now! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

yo this song is hot! and his dreads are sick!

Anonymous said...

"for the ladies" maaaaan that video had bout 300 hoes in it. that video was written, scripted, directed, produced and manufactured by niggas. You want to post a video for the ladies, have some half naked niggas up in it, not no busted ass lil wayne and company.

but it was funny as hell...even if no sexy men were involved in the production of that video.

Trey "Dub" Washington said...

LOL, i said for the ladies because some women are actually attracted to the monstrosity that which is Lil Wayne.

and i cant tell you how many girls sackin' Drake righ'now.

but valid/hilarious pt. hope you enjoyed the video nonetheless!

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