I ain't tryin' to prophesize or nun, but...

Apr 6, 2009

Since we are about to become the 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions, I think there should be intervention programs created to help haters who feel like killing themselves right now. Shoot, I got initiative...maybe I'll create something.

I'll start small with a fragrance that will allow haters to experience a little bit of what the Tarheel Faithful are experiencing right now. I'll call it:

"Victory, By Tarheel"

Directions: Only to be used by Tarheel Haters. Apply a light mist on yourself in the morning right after you turn on what little swag you have.

Warning: May induce unfamiliar feelings of flyness and superiority. Don't worry, it's ONLY temporary.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....