Taking the good with bad.

Mar 19, 2009

Have you ever been having a really good day--breakfast was banging, shower was all warm and junk, the sun was shining, the birds were chirpin', the U-bus came soon as you walked up and stopped right in front of you so you could get on before everybody else, you got an assignment back with an A on it, found a quarter in the Pit, got someone to swipe you--you know, just an all around amazing day.

....and then all of a sudden someone does something that completely turns your smile upside down. Seemingly as though they were put on this Earth with no other purpose but to put a salty taste in your mouth, on a day when everything was goin' A-okay. And at that moment, your day takes a turn for the worse. Clouds come out and it starts raining, the birds that were chirping fly further south for the winter just for the heck of it, you get an email from your professor saying that the grade you thought was an A belonged to someone else because of a computer-based error, the quarter that you found was heads on both sides and belonged to the Pit Preacher anyway, and you received a call from your boss asking why you had forgotten to report to work.

Well, I was on the verge of this very incident today. I was having a really good day, until I heard some randomn girl in the Pit, whom I have never met, make a comment about how I looked. Initially, I wanted to resort to my hoodish, instinctual ways but i realized that it was not the least bit necessary for a number of reasons. Plus, I got warrants. Anywho, the wave of frustration subsided and I was able to carry on with my day, which is still going very well. I decided to write this post, because I had an epiphany in the Pit today:

Sometimes we tend to focus a lot on the bad
things that occur in our life, while completely
overlooking the good. We have so much to be appreciative of
that being on the receiving end of misfortune
should not effect us much, if at all.
Ultimately, it is best to take the bad with the good and keep it movin'.

...but let a n*gga try me again.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....