reasons why Carolina is better than Duke this year

Mar 19, 2009

  • We were preseason #1.
  • We held the #1 spot longer than any other team this season.--y'all were never #1.
  • Tyler Hansbrough > J.J. Redick...without shooting 3's.
  • We beat y'all 101-87 and I got a bojangles biscuit for 99 cent and y'all didn't.
  • We beat y'all 79-71 on our senior night.
  • We were outright, regular season ACC champs.
  • We gained a number 1 seed into the NCAA tournament--giving us more number 1 seeds than y'all by a wide margin.
  • We tied Kansas today with the most NCAA tournament victories, while y'all behind UCLA trying to get like us.
  • When people talk about possible Final Four, or Championship teams, y'all are never mentioned--go ahead and turn it to ESPN if you don't believe me.
  • We got a presidential endorsement--which pissed coach K off.
  • Everytime we lose, Duke fans update their facebook statuses immediately, proving that they watch OUR games as well. When Duke loses (which they have 6 times this season, ewww) Carolina fans don't even notice because that's to be expected.
  • We beat a team by 40 without our best player, and y'all couldn't beat a High school team without G. Henderson.
  • Okay let me be nice. Y'all won the ACC tournament......which means NOTHING. You don't get anything but a banner....have you been to the dean dome lately?


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