Local Artist Spotlight

Mar 18, 2009

So eeeeverybody is spittin' nowadays, but everybody ain't SPITTIN'. So whenever I hear something new and different, I have to lend an ear. If what I hear is whack, I take my ear back withOUT hesitation and withOUT remorse...

Occasionally, I'll hop on Myspace and check out random artist pages and every now and then I'll luck up and find a hidden gem...but sometimes, I find out that people I chill with everyday actually have a knack for musicianship or what have you. So I was pleased to hear that some of my homeboys here on UNC's campus actually rock on the mic in their spare time (what little they have).

They go by Silly Donkey Boyz and here is the explanation behind the name:

"The name looks and sounds
ignorant but the music is not.
We act an ass with our music!"

So with that said, check out the MySpace page and support the movement! My personal favorite is the freestyle over Wale's "Nike Boots".
Click here to listen


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....