First Impressions

Feb 9, 2009

First impressions are indeed lasting impressions. For instance, I’m typically outgoing, loud and talkative, and I tend to have a permanent grin on my face like I’m up to no good. I act this way on the daily and when I meet someone for the first time, that’s probably the vibe that I give off. However, a lot of times I just like to chill out and relax...and on those days, I tend to get these responses from people:

-Are you okay?
-Boy, you look sleepy.
-Having a bad day?
-What’s wrooooong?

…I just respond with “nothing is wrong,” but what I’m really thinking to myself is “Nothing WAS wrong, before you asked me that.” It doesn’t make sense to me that people expect you to act the exact same, “cookie-cut” way every single day, considering how multi-faceted we all are.

So, with that said, what are your thoughts on first impressions? Are they generally a good assessment of who someone really is? (I mean, we thought Chris Brown was like that harmless little boy at your family reunion that was always dancing and we couldn't have been more wrong.)


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....