Be my Valentine?

Feb 9, 2009

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and I'm actually kind of excited for once. Let's be clear, I've never been anti-Valentines or anything. To me, it has always been just another day, holding the same amount of weight as Christopher Columbus Day or something. I'm probably indifferent because it's a female's Holiday and they always expect something tangible, even if they do not have a boyfriend. Excuse me as I check my calendar now to see if there is a holiday that belongs solely to men.......................

Neeeevertheless, I plan on getting Purple-Labeled up (courtesy of the misses) this year and at least going out to eat somewhere considering the fact that V-Day falls on a Saturday. There is roughly 4 days left for those of you who have yet to find a Valentine...and 5 days left for those of you who think Cupid is stupid and cannot wait for the day to be over!

Regardless of which side of the fence you stand, here are a few things to do on Valentines Day, just because:
  1. Cook dinner...but not FOR your significant other, WITH your significant other. It's a little different than usual and it definitely has the potential to be fun. (You can do rock, papers, scissors to see who cleans up the dishes or however you want to divi that up.)
  2. Be creative. Cards and flowers are nice and have been nice for 100's of years. If you're going to get a box of chocolates, why not take the extra step and get them personalized at
  3. Wish your crush happy valentines day in their honesty box...instead of using it to talk smack. If you're bold, tell 'em to his/her face and see what happens. Who knows, after Sex Talk with Sue Johansen, people may be a little more open...
  4. Amp up the usual things that you do. Don't just go to the movies....again. Go to the IMAX theater. There is one in Raleigh and tickets are pretty affordable.
  5. I'm not Hitch, so I don't have a 5th thing to do....but thanks for reading.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....