The Don'ts of Winter

Feb 2, 2009

Since I've been in college, I have witnessed some break-neck styles from people that, at times, have been a little overwhelming. I generally take an open-minded approach to style, specifically that of college students, because I realize that you meet people from EVERYWHERE when you are at a University as large as UNC-Chapel Hill. Nevertheless, I think it goes without saying, that there are some things that just should NOT be done....I don't care if you're from Stockholm, Sweden or Wacahoota, Florida.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind during the wintertime to avoid being given the side-eye or hit with a quick "smh" from passer-byers:

1) Keep some carmax on deck! You can even get them in different flavors now for the low. Trust me, paying $0.99 for some chapstick is a lot better than walking around trying to hide a cold-sore.
2) Just because the sun is shining, does not mean that it is hot outside. Please check the weather report before venturing out to class in sandals and a January...
3) Do not wear uggs in the rain. Pretty self-explanatory.
4) Do not wear a big fur, hoodied Northface jacket...and then throw on some basketball shorts. Does that not defeat the purpose?
5) I personally don't put lotion on anywhere except my hands during the wintertime, but if you are layering up and plan on exposing your arms in class...hit them elbows with that Lubriderm, shawty! Because I will take pictures via the cellular and you do not want to be the next hot topic on
6) Men and earmuffs do not mix.
7) Tights are NOT pants. I repeat, they are NOT jean replacements nor substitutions for sweatpants. They do look really fly at times, but if you have one pair that you wear to the club, and to Zumba classes at the gym...then there needs to be some discretion exercised immediately.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....