What I Don't Miss About Twitter, pt. 4

Sep 9, 2012


For some reason unbeknownst to a G, financial independence is often treated as the sole indicator of adulthood.

I mean, you can literally hear the sound of balls dropping in financial aid offices around the country following the disbursement of refund checks, signaling the coming of age for young men.  And for those who aren't privy to the coveted refund, that first full-time job after graduation will surely do the trick.

The argument goes like this:
Premise #1 - Most adults (e.g., momma nem, gramma nem, uncle nem) are financially independent. Naturally, most children are not.
Premise #2 - I am financially independent.
Conclusion - Therefore, I am an adult.

This type'a logic results in premature claims to adulthood and all of its virtues, such as wisdom and maturity. So you end up with boys dressed in men's suits assuming men's roles...a perpetual high school where e'rybody is "grown" but no one is forced to mature.

On Twittuh, this yields itself in many different ways, but the most annoying one being:
These financially independent "adults" speak with an heir of arrogance regarding EVERYTHING. They engage in ad hominem attacks against people with fewer assets than them (for example, You live at home with your parents or work at X-job, therefore your opinion on dating/finance/politics is less valid than mine). Because the assumption is that with money, comes an overarching wisdom. I guess? iDunno. But just try telling anyone on #BlackTwitter with a salary that their "adult" perspective on life isn't golden and necessary for all to hear...

Meanwhile, I'll be sleep...doe.

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