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Aug 17, 2012


Meet Nicola, a.k.a. "Blazer Whore," b.k.a. "Twin" (as we share the same born-date, an appreciation for good music, and a propensity for sarcasm). I've been anxious to share her Q&A with you all for quite sometime, as I am an avid browser of her blog. Hit the 'Read More' link for the scoop!

Share a little about yourself.
Well, I am originally from Nigeria. I moved to the UK back in ’92 and at the time, I hated it. I actually used to struggle with the language and I’d find myself speaking Igbo [my native tongue] and only realizing when the expressions on my classmates’ faces would be super blank. Super awkward.
Now, I love the English language [even though I STILL love and speak my own] and can often be found chastising people for misuse of grammar.
Erm, interesting fact? I don’t know how interesting this is but I have started writing a novel. Well, I’ve started several but I am determined to finish this one. Hopefully, telling everyone about these plans will force me to finally stick to them. Accountability and all that.
Also, I type like I think/talk. Which, is precisely why as I am typing this, I am suddenly aware of the fact that I’m rambling. I’ll stop now.

What’s the story behind your blog’s title?
Ah, the blog title. The name blazerwhore has caused more controversy than I thought it would, but that is simply because people see the term ‘whore’ and go wild, entirely neglecting the prefix. My rather unhealthy obsession with blazers is the reason for the title. In fact, I didn’t think of the name. My flat mate at the time started calling me a blazerwhore when she realized how many I’d bought. It’s ridiculous really, I don’t even wear all of them but I love them. They just make all outfits look better.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Oh dear. Erm, I would say…ever bloody changing. Do those three words count? The truth is I don’t think I can. My style changes so often, but the constant in my style is a love of structure and textures. If it’s black or made out of some sort of sheer material, chances are that I own it, or want it.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for blazers (I understand if you’re unable to give all your secrets to maintain a certain level of exclusivity lol)?
Charity Shops or ‘thrift stores’ – Most people don’t have the patience for it or find the idea of wearing second hand clothes to be disgusting but 70% of my blazers come from charity shops. They have unique pieces that NO ONE ever has and over the years, I’ve developed a sixth sense for when I’m going to find a new blazer.

If you had the opportunity to partner up with a brand or designer for your very own line of blazers, who would it be?
Emilio Pucci – His S/S 2012 collection and loads of his pre Spring stuff are so me it’s ridiculous. When in doubt, I turn to black, sheer or lace textures and there is plenty of that in his collection. My fave blazers have a touch of black somewhere, whether it is the lapel or the buttons. I love the dark, vampy look, but I am paranoid that I am not tall or slender enough to pull it off. I still try though.

When Nicola is not blogging, she is ______.
Probably singing. Employers complain about me all the time but I love music and really wish I’d stuck out my piano/guitar lessons.


Be sure to check out Nicola's blog at and follow her on Twitter @Blazerwhore!

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