My, how time flies, when you're [doing everything except having fun].

Sep 17, 2012


The phrase "there aren't enough hours in the day" never rang more true to me than it did today, g, LAWD!

So I was chillin' in Cubicle Hell daydreaming, when it dawned on me that this isn't the life I signed up fuh.  Then (and I would NOT recommend this) I began to break down exactly how I spend my days and here's what I came up with (just skip to the bottom for the overall point of this post):
  • I try to go to bed around midnight, so 6 hours are lost to sleep off top and the day ain'eem started good yet. (18 hours left)
  • A combined 2 hours; 1 getting ready for work in the morning, another spent in the evening preparing for work the next day (16 hours left)
  • 1 hour spent commuting back and forth to work (15 hours left)
  • 9 FREAKIN' HOURS hours spent at work (6 hours left)
  • 1.5 hours spent exercising -- optional for some, but not for me (4.5 hours left)
  • 1 hour spent preparing and/or eating dinner (3.5 hours left)
  • Cleaning or straightening the house up, though not every single day, another 1 hour (2.5 hours left)
So on average (excluding weekends), I only have 2.5 hours in the day for frolicking (reading, relaxing, spending time with friends/family, shopping, whatever). 2.5 hours to do something, not out of necessity, but for personal enjoyment! Ultimately, I've concluded that I enjoyed life much more when I was unemployed yawwwwwl. :-( (Now that's certainly not to say that I prefer unemployment cause Lord knows I'm thankful, but the financial freedom granted by a job is overshadowed by the mundane, all time-consuming redundancy. Basically, academia is >>>>>>>>>>.)

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