Pot Callin' the Kettle Cheap

Feb 5, 2012


In the days of fairy-tales and rom coms, it seems as though traditional dating expectations, such as men footing the bill, aren't going anywhere anytime soon. But what happens when a man is unable (or doesn't feel obligated) to abide by this old-school etiquette? Should he simply stop approaching women until he can afford to pay for dates or should he try his luck in hopes of finding a woman who doesn't mind going dutch, or worse, treating him?

For many women, it's a deal-breaker if a man tries to play a friendly game of Who's Gonna Grab The Checkbook First on a date. I can't say I blame 'em. However, a line has to be drawn retnah between expressing your preferences and alienating everyone and everything that doesn't meet your standards. I'll never understand why some women feel comfortable calling men "cheap" or "broke" if he is unable (or unwilling) to do what she expects.  Reason being, isn't it a common dating objective among women to get as much free stuff as possible?

"My birthday is coming up, I want..."
"Valentine's day is coming up, I want..."
"Tuesday is coming up, I want..."

So if the average woman's M.O. is to be wined and dined on someone else's dime, how appropriate is it to call men broke? Broke relative to whom? Other men, I'm assuming? Cause it's obviously not compared to the amount of money she's planning to spend. Now ain't that the pot callin' the kettle cheap....

And don't get me wrong. Some men fully expect (and some are successful) to gain access to the box after a 2 for 20 at Chili's, and they ought to be 'shamed. But in the same token, some women expect full access to a man's wallet off the rip, just for being a woman cause we know half y'all don't cook and cater to anymore, and definitely ain't tryna fix no plates. What part of the game is that? I'm just rappin', doe....

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