Procrastination Station, Part Tres

Sep 29, 2011


It wouldn't be right if I didn't leave y'all with something to occupy your "spare" time with. No need to thank me, really.

Black love wins again with what has to be my favorite wedding shoot ever. 

Peep this girl's before and after transformation. o_O!!  Which reminds me, my low-budget workout DVD is dropping soon on WorldStarHipHop entitled Get Fit Or Die Tryin'!

Keri Hilson recently did a smooth AOL Live Session looking radiant as ever. Performances with bands? Yes please.
Procrastination Link #3

Feminism 101, for dudes. (Guilty of violating rule 8, and sometimes 9, although unintentional)

10 things every woman should know about a man's brain. (Including why we can't help but check other women out in the presence of our significant others. Don't shoot the messenger, it's science!)

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