Guest Blog: "Yea, Niggaz Aint Sh*t…but that’s just how you like’em!"

Sep 6, 2011

They say everything is good in moderation. Evidently that rule also applies to gentlemen-like behavior. It’s cool to be nice, but being too nice’ll have you wading waist-deep in them frigid Friend Zone waters, b.

We’ve all heard the phrase “nice guys finish last”. It got son's of preachers in the club tryin’ to pour Crown Royal down shawties throats simply to see if women really do like bad guys.

Well, my homie Fred seems to have his own theory as to why there’s No Country For Nice Guys and why women seem to prefer men who, well, “ain’t sh*t”. Hit the “read more” link for the scoop yahm’talmbout?!

"Yea, Niggaz Aint Sh*t…but that’s just how you like’em!" 
This is a post about how, admittedly, most men are no good. But surprisingly, women have become accustomed to it and now prefer the Aint Sh*t Nigga (or ASN).

For a long time, top quality women have been getting pulled by these niggaz that are going nowhere in life. Men who ask for their money, treat them poorly, cheat on them, so on and so forth. So, it has occurred to me that one of two things are happening: women actually don’t realize the repeated error they are making OR women are overlooking the men in their life that would be worthy counterparts and opting for ASN’s.

I’ll spare you the whole spill of societal views, stereotypes perpetuated through music movies, etc. and bring it a little closer to home. The tendencies of ASN’s are more prevalent and often celebrated. For example, when a women pulls a man she almost expects to have to “fix” him. And I don’t mean groom him to be accustomed to what she likes and does not like but literally find some flaw of his and fix it up for the better. This type of approach would not work with a good man.

ASN’s are often times broke…real men have jobs AND budgets:
This difference will have you trying to tell your man how to use/spend his money. Since you are used to having most of the money or loaning Junebug some money, when you have to subject yourself to the real man’s budget you are often upset.

ASN’s mistreat women by cheating or making dumb mistakes…real mean value their women and keep the peace:
The past ASN your have dated use arguments as a past-time. Arguing about who is going to cut the grass, how much money he can spend this weekend, and even how long he can borrow your car. Thus in your dealings with real men you look for arguments, you expect him to be cheating or up to something when he honestly states that he is out with his friends, and suspect that he is up to something when he is “being overly nice” and helps you with your household stuff or anything else you have to do (work, recreational activities, etc).

ASN’s resist jobs, honesty, and good decisions…real men don’t:
Truth be told ASN’s are some of my homeboys, and as Dub has mentioned round these parts on a few occasions they should be easy for hoes women to spot. And while I could see how this post could be misinterpreted as something about how women are only about money and good men provide it for them, and thus you are prolly the people perpetuating the stereotypes and such. Truth is to be a real man you need to be bring something to the table other than “hard D and bubblegum”. To put it plain and simple, ASN’s take advantage of women, while good men honor them and appreciate the benefits of their union.


Although these are frowned upon on this blog I feel the need to clarify ‘fore niggaz self-esteem falls apart: There are some “real men in training” so to say that may be depending on their woman right now but have a good plan in the works but still treats his woman right. The main separation between ASN and real men is how much you value your women and take care her emotionally financially (if necessary) and assist in making her happy and life better instead of stressing her out and draining her of her essence niggaz! Now feel free to play some’n like Maxwell “A Woman’s Worth” or R.Kelly “When a woman Loves”

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