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Aug 30, 2011


You ever get so bored that you get on the internet and try to visit every possible site you can think of? Facebook, Twitter, Email, back to Twitter, consider Myspace but remember that you forgot your password, download some music, visit Treyningday, back to Twitter...

...before you know it, you've wasted an entire hour but haven't really done anything. Well, fret no longer, my g's. I've provided you with a few links that'll eliminate the stress of trying to FIND something to do on the internet.

Apparently, Goons are now shopping at Wet Seal and Forever 21.
Procrastination Link #1

Ladies, did you know there was a store in New York that sells husbands?
Procrastination Link #2

Learn about the importance of service and volunteering. No seriously.
Procrastination Link #3 

And, doesn't this make you want to get a crew together and start serving niggas in the parking lot of the club?
Procrastination Link #4

You're welcome :-)

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