Guest Blog: Are You a Music Snob?

Sep 26, 2011


Sometimes I feel like people never had the liberty of sliding across the kitchen floor in their socks when they were kids, and now we gotta bear the brunt of their pent-up frustration. It’s the same folk who insist on sharing EVERY come-up in their adult life, always trying to one-up, always gotta be the "first".

Nothing annoys me more than when these type of folk engage in musical discussions, especially on Twitter! My girlfriend, Kelz, captures my sentiments exactly in her Public Service Announcement to the “musical snobs’. Hit the read more link to check it out!

Are You a Music Snob?

I have little mini my head...all the time. So indulge me for a second.

This goes out to you music snobs, the "Oh you weren't up on him when he was underground,”

"You weren't up on him when he was playing in a garage band in his momma's basement,"

"You weren't up on her when she was singing in the Little Rock Ebenezer Baptist Church youth choir," -type.

No, LA Reid Jr., I was NOT up on said artist(s) when they first started out humming in the shower. And maybe if baby Beyonce had a fiercer street team then I would have known about her earlier.

I don't know what you people get out of stressing the fact that you were the first to hear something but it is the most juvenile thing I've ever seen.

I'm sorry I appreciate good music, whether it's from a seasoned vet or some new cat that gets his rocks off on singing in karaoke bars. And contrary to popular belief, the fact that you heard a song 6 months or 6 YEARS before I did does not make you better than me. The fact that you heard it uncut, uncensored, with the sketchy background noise, and DJs screaming over the track still puts you in the same audience that I'm in. You aren't flying first class and you aren't in VIP with these artists. So if you are a fan of music, just be that. Don't be a pretentious, music snob because guess what? Good music is worth sharing!

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