Late Night Thoughts...

Jun 23, 2011


"Victim blaming" - when the victim(s) of a crime are held responsible for the act that was committed against them. The most common example that I can think of is when people say that rape victims "shouldn't have dressed that way" or "shouldn't have gone to such and such place". It's never OK to do this and I try to make a conscious effort not to BUT....

You know there's always a "but".

I think that looking at these kind of issue from a super-intellectual standpoint has it's disadvantages. While we are having forums, online discussions, and rallies regarding domestic violence and the political incorrectness of "victim blaming", the world around us isn't really changing. We get so caught up in analyzing what should happen that we momentarily lose sight of what IS. For instance, I was watching a debate on CNN a few months ago about victim blaming and this woman said she's going to let her daughter dress however she pleases because it's her right to. I wanted to scream. It's a dangerous approach to life in my opinion, g.

Like, I want nothing more than for women to be respected regardless of what they wear. And yes, women should have the right to flirt and yet refuse sex. Women should have the right to get intoxicated and not have to worry about being taken advantage of, but the REALITY of the situation is that there are men out there who could care less about respecting a woman's privacy, much less being "politically correct". Shoot, go to a club dressed in something revealing and just try telling the dudes about your rights as a woman and see how far that gets you.

When will we stop analyzing learn to advocate for what things SHOULD be while not losing sight of what they are? Y'all tell it insensitive or irrational for women to have to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety? Or is the "these are my rights and I'm going to exercise them" mentality ok?

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