DEAR LUPE FIASCO; Re: "Obama is the biggest terrorist."

Jun 24, 2011


Dear Lupe,
Please allow me to calmly, yet swiftly, usher you out of the paint, g. I used to respect and appreciate what you do for Hip Hop, but lately I’ve just been wanting to slap yo coofie off, á la: 

First, you advocated non-voting in an effort to garner World Peace on some Michael Jackson "We Are the World" type stuff. And most recently, you went on record saying that “Obama is the biggest terrorist”. At first I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I certainly thought there was no way you would publicly call my president a terrorist knowing what a statement of that caliber implies. But sure enough, you went on Fox News (of all places) looking like a young Marcus Garvey, ready to defend your stance. You even went so far as to compare President Obama to Osama Bin Laden in that he is the “mastermind” behind terrorist acts. Nah, g. You gotta take a pill of the chill variety.

See, you present nothing more than a logical fallacy. According to you, if = C, and B = C, then A = B. If President Obama is responsible for the killing of innocent people, and Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the killing of innocent people, then President Obama and Osama Bin Laden are both terrorists. It looks right. It sounds right. But if you examine the premises a little closer, you will see that the conclusion is not valid or sound.

What you fail to realize is that killing during open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations is an ACT OF WAR. While violent or destructive acts committed by groups as a means of coercion is an ACT OF TERROR. Yes, they are morally equivalent because innocent blood is spilled. But there is a HUGE difference between violently killing people simply to incite fear and accidentally killing people despite reasonable precautions.

Let's try this:
Gucci Mane made a radio song with Trey Songz singing the hook, called “Beat It Up”. You also made a horrible radio song with Trey Songz singing the hook, called “Out of My Head”. Therefore, there is no difference between your conscious rappin'ahh and Gucci Mane’s ignant’ahh. Congratulations, bro, you have officially sold out.

You see how that works, Lupe?

No matter how you try to paint the picture, President Obama is not a "TERRORIST". Yes, US Foreign Policy sucks. Yes, he has failed to uphold his promises to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But to call the man a terrorist is an attack on his character and completely untrue.

*kicks sneakers off and hangs jacket in closet like Mr. Rogers*

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