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May 13, 2011


Everybody got something to say, but nobody wants to listen which is all good ‘til somebody comes up missing...or stankin' in the kitchen.

And self-reflection is hard ‘cause self-deceit is easy.

Like, how many people y'all know are aware and actually willing to admit  that they're lame? Conceited? Self-righteous? Downers? Bitter? Don’t worry, I’ll wait….

I mean, Trey Songz had the audacity to say he Invented Sex and like some bamas, y'all believed him. He then turned around and kissed a 16 year old in the MOUF on stage giving ME the impression that he invented Sexual Harassment. Some say potato, some say potato, I guess. 

You see, people’s perception of self is often times skewed. Delusions of grandeur are at an all time. We sit around on social sites and analyze this situation, and analyze that situation. We analyze this person, and analyze that person but not enough people are taking the time out to analyze themselves.

Instead of brushing off all unfavorable criticisms, it’s good to take heed and actually apply some of 'em. Yes, sometimes you have to sift through some nonsense because not everyone knows, or even cares to learn, how to express themselves appropriately and respectfully. Either way, you just never know what kind of gems are hidden behind poor deliveries.

So, with that said...y’all excuse me while I go do some introspective thinking....

*walks off into the sunset like a bad'ahh, brown skinnded John Wayne, with that lil boot spur sound effect*

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