Barbershop Talk: The Lebron James Debate

May 16, 2011

*waves white flag*

That's it. I'm throwing in the towel. After this post, no longer will I exert any more of my energy defending my favorite NBA player, Lebron James. Reason being, the lines have been blurred and I can't tell who you guys are a fan of, preventing me from formulating rebuttals to your comments. I give up.

IF you are a Cleveland fan (or from Cleveland), the entire organization capsized when Lebron left. In the year that he left, the Cavs went on to set a NBA single season record for the most consecutive losses. That was no coincidence, g.

IF you are a Lakers fan,  Lebron swept the regular season series your team, dusting them off on Christmas, of all days? Just rude. Then the Lakers went on to get swept in the conference semi's by the Dallas Mavericks. Swept. Not beaten, swept.

IF you are a Celtics fan, Lebron finally got over the hurdle of beating your team in the playoffs. And quite decisively at that, winning the series 4-1. It's evident that the Celtics are set back after this season. In spite of Doc River's contract extension, the players are just getting old. (And trading Perk and Nate Robinson was the dumbest decision ever.)

THEN there's a melting pot which includes:
  • Carmelo fans, who automatically root against Lebron (the same people who were saying "The Knicks are back" earlier this season)
  • Kevin Durant fans, who automatically root against Lebron (although Durant has nothing to show, save for 1 NBA scoring title)
  • Floaters, who have no team, nor favorite player, but automatically root for whoever is playing against Lebron.
FINALLY there are the Bulls "fans", and I use that word with caution, because I ain't heard anyone legitimately rep the Bulls since ~'99. Now everyone is suddenly a Bulls fan, (yes, this includes Celtics fans, Lakers fans who openly and shamelessly hopped on the bandwagon after their teams lost). All of these people, for some reason, seek pleasure from seeing Lebron lose.

I can't with you folks, because I am not able to tell who or what you stand for, all I can tell is who you stand against. And that's real ho'ish to me! So y'all win. I am conceding victory. Peace and blessings...

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