Style Tip - The Men's Suit

Mar 20, 2011


Every since I can remember, my grandfather has been hanging suits ever so freshly with minimal effort. I really admire folk like him because executing the suit it is no easy task! A man in a nice suit is like kryptonite to most women (or so I've been told). On the other hand, to look sloppy in an ill-fitted suit is worse than wearing velour, g.

Although the suits that I would like to have are not within my means, there are things that can be done to increase your suit swagger regardless of what you've spent. The following are just a few essentials that I have picked up, or vicariously learned, by watching and talking to my grandfather (and other fresh gentlemen around me, as well).

Belts and suspenders are mutually exclusive of one another and should, under no circumstances, be worn at the same time! I repeat, dudes who wear belts and suspenders together probably take "wash ups" instead of showers.  While it is an accessory, don't forget that its purpose is to keep your pants up, so why double up with a belt? Some dress pants come with special suspender buttons on the waistband and don't even have belt loops. 
    ^ he gets no wominz

    Have your dress shirts darted if you aren't able to buy them with a slim/modern/custom fit. If you have a shirt that mushrooms out around the waist when you tuck it in, having a tailor put darts in it will help. Darts are just two parallel, vertical stitches in the back of the shirt that allow for a better fit.
    ^your shirt before darting

    ^your shirt after darting. well, for the most

    The Pocket Square. They come in many different prints, colors, and materials. And as spring quickly approaches, you can really get creative. I wouldn't advise matching your tie and pocket square though. (You know, the sets that you can get in the mall.) My granddad typically keeps it simple with a classic, white, cotton/linen square. Some people prefer silk, but I like wearing something that I can actually USE as a handkerchief if need be.

    • Collar stays. Most dress shirts that you buy nowadays actually come with these. They are the little plastic things that go in your collow tips to prevent it from curling under. The plastic ones will get the job done, but you can buy some metal ones online for like 5 bucks. They are a little more durable and really stiff. Just be sure to take them out before dry cleaning!

    Last but not least and most certainly the most important: Tailoring! Tailoring! Tailoring! Having a suit jacket tailored so that it lays flat on your chest/hugs your shoulders or getting your pants hemmed (without a cuff if they are straight-legged) can make a generic suit look custom made. These jobs vary in price depending on the tailor and most cannot be undone. So make sure you find a good, reputable person to do it for you!

    Now go forth, and be fresh my brethren!


    Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....