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Mar 25, 2011


Wiz Khalifa
Flight School
Download it HERE (link updated).
When I stumbled across this 'tape in the summer of '09, I had no clue who this guy was. Honestly, I just thought the cover-art was ill so it piqued my curiosity. (Which, by the way, there have been numerous times where I've listened to a new artists based solely on their artwork. So I advise you up-and-comers to spend some extra time/money on that and stop throwing stuff together in Paint because I don't eff with a lot of you graphically!)

Anywho, the 'tape was SO well produced (big ups to Johnny Juliano, Sledgren, and Germ) and Wiz' flow was really unique. It ain't take no time before I was trying to tell everybody about this "new artist Wiz Khalifa" (completely unbeknownst to me, he had already dropped a few mixtapes prior to Flight School). I'll have to admit, I felt exclusive bumping this joint all summer and having people get in my car and ask, "Who is that?!"

As expected, he has built up a nice following and crossed over into mainstream, impressing those who have never heard of him, and leaving something to be desired for those who had grown accustomed to his old sound. Nevertheless, I can't be mad but I do have one thing to ask. For those who haven't heard it, go back and download what I think is his best release to date, Flight School. Rolling Papers drops Tuesday the 29th so go out and support that, too! If that's not your cup of tea and I don't blame you, I recommend copping this:

Wiz Khalifa

I had THE hardest time finding it in stores when it dropped, so I had to order it. Click on the title to get it in iTunes. Peace!


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