Question du jour: how to tell a REAL FAN from a FOLLOWER?

Feb 25, 2011

People will stop at nothin’ to prove that they are real fans of an artist. And they won’t hesitate to bestow the title of “follower”, “bandwagon” or “hypebeast” on someone at the first sight of inauthenticity.  It’s wild how possessive people are over their favorite rapper or singer. It’s also notable how those who don’t like an artist will quickly say that everyone else is a follower, to appear unCool. (We see you.)

In the words of Big Sean, I think "it's time to make a real nigga separation". Right now, I’m tryin’ah figure out how do people determine if someone is a real fan or not?

The onset of fandom. So…you’ve been rockin’ with an artist since they were on Myspace with the glittery layout, trying their best to get someone to listen to their music. I start rockin’ with that very same artist after hearing their single on the radio. Am I considered less of a fan?

Monetary support. To me, claiming to be a fan of an artist without ever purchasing their work, is like...I don't know....shaking a baby when no one is looking or filing your goldfish on your income taxes, g. Shoutout to white people for buying CDs, 'cause I know you niggas out here stealing your "favorite" artist's stuff. Point: Can someone who pirates even call themselves a fan?

The Curve Balls. There are artists who some would argue should have no fans at all. Lupe - he is too deep.  Lil B - he is too based.  Waka Flocka - he is too turnt up.  Nicki Minaj - she is too extra. Nevertheless, these artists have built up decent followings and some question how that is possible. "I don't like them. There is no way you can genuinely like them." Is this true? How can you tell who is liking the Curve Balls to be different, and who is being a real fan?

Unwavering loyalty. Personal example: I am a Jay-Z stan, for lack of a better term. And although he is permanently in my Top 5 regardless of if he released an autotuned R&B album tomorrow I don’t think ALL of his music is great, at all. I hold Hov to the same standard as everyone else. On the other hand, if I claimed that he could do no wrong…would that make me a “hypebeast”? A “follower”?

Physical attraction. Let’s be real. Many men could care less what Rihanna sounds like as long as she keeps coming on stage in stuff like this, with dem leg quarters expossssed:
The same goes for women with certain male artists. Does this make them lesser fans, since technically, we are supposed to judge a singer by their music?

Mainstream staple effect. Let’s face it. Some people would sell if they released a CD with 12 tracks of them breathing at different speeds and strenfs (translation: strengths). Examples include: Beyonce. Justin Beiber. Adele. Garth Brooks. Posthumous Michael Jackson, even. They will remain relevant for as long as they feel like it. Their fan bases are huge, unrelenting and seemingly biased. So, how can you determine WHO exactly is on the bandwagon and who is not?

As you can tell, I'm confused! Y'all let me know how to do it, because I can't look at someone and tell if they are a fan or a follower. At the end of the day, does it even matter?


Adina Renée. said...

Lmao @ dem leg quarters exposssed.

RawrSavvy said...

At the end of the day no matter when you get wing of an artist you can be a fan. But to me it comes down to loyalty, you invest in the artist you claim to be a fanatic over, that's rare in this music industry when artists are more fads than longer names. I've determined many fans are not true supporters of the artist they claim to be

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